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NEKAAL has an observatory in Northeast Kansas, named Farpoint Observatory. Come for a visit sometime.

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  • Sun image 6-13-17
    There’s a small sunspot just left of top- center of the image. Taken with an 80mm  f/6 Apogee Refractor and a Cannon EOS. ISO 100 – 1/500th second. Thousand oaks Mylar solar filter in front of the lens.
  • Possible SN In NGC6946
    Patrick Wiggins in Utah last night appears to have discovered a Supernova in the Galaxy NGC6946 located in Cygnus.   I took this image at Sandlot Observatory just a few hours after he found it..  The potential SN is marked in the image and is about 13.0 R Magnitude.  Date 5-14-17
  • Tombaugh is now collimated and awaiting dark skies
    David Cromer and I finished collimating the optics on the Tombaugh.  The collimation was near perfect and the optics are performing well.    I took a 60 second (no guiding,  just telescope tracking) image of M66 in Leo displayed in this article.  The image was taken with a 80% sunlight moon just 20 degrees away!  …
  • Workdays: Re-coated Tombaugh Mirror
    On March 11th, Gary Hug, B. W. Whitten, Justin Prochaska, David Cromer, and Russell Valentine worked together to remove the 27 inch mirror from the Tombaugh. Then Gary took it to get re-coated. It needed to be re-coating so much, that if you shined a light through back, you can see the light through the …
  • Correction for Farpoint's phone number it is 785-925-2960
  • Dates for our 2017 meetings have been posted.

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