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To find out more about NEKAAL see who we are or schedule for info on attending one of our general meetings or public astronomy nights.

NEKAAL has an observatory in Northeast Kansas, named Farpoint Observatory. Come for a visit sometime.

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  • Peter Birtwhistle
    During a recent visit to England I had an opportunity to visit with Peter Birtwhistle at his home at Great Shefford. Peter is  one of the most prolific observers for NEO follow-up in the world.    Here we are in front of his backyard observatory (MPC J95) which houses a 16″ LX200 SCT  in the small …
  • NGC 7331
    This is an image  taken just before dawn 07-11-18 with the new (to us) STL 6303E camera mounted on the Tombaugh  .7 meter Reflector at 2 bin pixels ( 18 micron).   Gary  
  • Ian Morison and Astrophotography
    I came into contact with Ian Morison when he asked about the StarSync tracker to be reviewed in his book The Art of Astrophotography. This week he has let me know that he had been posting articles on his Astronomy Digest (Website) at www.ianmorison.com. It has a lot of great info about astrophotography. For example I …
  • NEKAAL Observer Facebook and Twitter Integration
    I’m making this post to test and announce automated Twitter and facebook announcements when a new NEKAAL Observer post is made. So if you follow NEKAAL on Facebook or twitter you should get notified of new posts. Also if you would like to post a article to the NEKAAL Observer just let me know. Contact …
  • Correction for Farpoint's phone number it is 785-925-2960
  • Dates for our 2017 meetings have been posted.

Northeast Kansas Amateur Astronomers’ League Inc. (NEKAAL)

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