Astronomy education has historically been one of NEKAAL’s priorities. We provide educational opportunites for schools, civic groups, other local astronomers, and the general public. Our services are provided free of charge (although donations are always welcome!).

To arrange a presentation contact us via email, or by phone at 785-203-8077.

To create your own planisphere (year-round star chart), click here.


NEKAAL members have traveled throughout Kansas, to other states and other countries to talk about astronomy. Past audiences have included cub scouts, college students, civic groups, and professional organizations. We can address a specific topic or general subject material, depending on the needs of the group.


From kindergarten to college, astronomy is a topic of interest to students of all ages. NEKAAL utilizes resources from NASA, JPL, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, area educators, and years of personal experience. Classroom presentations are coordinated in advance with the teacher to relate to the material being studied. We have used Project Astro, an interdisciplinary teaching resource that uses astronomy as the foundation for lessons in writing, math, music, history and art.

Got a question?

  • “What was that bright thing in the sky this morning? “
    • “I saw something about space on TV last night, and I was wondering..…”
      • “I'm having trouble with my new telescope. Can you help me?””

Got a question? Let us know! If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find someone who does! Contact us through the website or leave a message on our voice mail (785-203-8077). We’ll get back with you as soon as we can.