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 |<​del>​March 14</​del>​| <​del>​7:​30pm</​del>​ **Canceled**| |<​del>​March 14</​del>​| <​del>​7:​30pm</​del>​ **Canceled**|
 |<​del>​June 13</​del>​| <​del>​9:​00pm</​del>​ **Canceled** | |<​del>​June 13</​del>​| <​del>​9:​00pm</​del>​ **Canceled** |
-|June 19| 9:00pm **No board meeting**| +|<del>June 19</​del>​<del>9:00pm **No board meeting**</​del>​ **Canceled**| 
-|July 11| 9:00pm **No board meeting**| +|<del>July 11</​del>​<del>9:00pm **No board meeting**</​del>​ **Canceled**| 
-|July 17| 9:00pm **No board meeting**|+|<del>July 17</​del>​<del>9:00pm **No board meeting**</​del>​ **Canceled**|
 |August 22| 8:30pm| |August 22| 8:30pm|
 |September 12| 8:00pm| |September 12| 8:00pm|