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NEKAAL has an observatory in Northeast Kansas, named Farpoint Observatory. Come for a visit sometime.

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Info about the Jan 20th Total Lunar Eclipse

The entire eclipse will be visible from here. There are several phases of the eclipse. The penumbral eclipse really isn't visible to the eye; at most you might seem a slight shading at the end of it. You want to start watching when the “umbra”, or dark part of the shadow, begins at 9:33. It will look like a bite starting on the moons right side, which will progress across the moon until the the moon is entirely dark at 10:41. Each eclipse is different, but the moon looks some shade of red. At 11:43, the moon will start to brighten on the right side, about where the “bite” started, and continue across until it's totally uncovered at 12:50 am. Times are for the Topeka area, see link above for times in your area. (Summary of Eclipse by Jan Burgardt)


  • Asteroid 6478 Gault sprouted a tail.
    A long known asteroid suddenly sprouted a long narrow tail. This is a 22 minute (45 secs  x 30) cropped imaged taken with the Tombaugh Reflector at Farpoint 01-10-19 about 8:00 U.T.   The tail was visible faintly in each of the 45 second images.  This asteroid may have developed the tail through an impact with …
  • NEO Follow-up Targets
    I originally thought A/2018 V3 was an asteroid (although it may end up being a comet) with a very long perihelion distance. But I was wrong; its max distance is just 4 A.U.’s but the eccentricity is .989( 99 times longer than wide orbit) and its inclination to the solar system is 165 degrees (almost …
  • Comet 21P Giacobini-Zinner returns
    This 5 minute image of the returning comet 21P (Giacobini-Zinner) was taken Sept 16, 2018 using a Cannon EOS coupled to an Apogee 80mm F6.25 refractor.    The mount was a SST EQ-25 HPFD .   At the time of this image,  the comet was in the middle of the constellation Auriga.
  • Peter Birtwhistle
    During a recent visit to England I had an opportunity to visit with Peter Birtwhistle at his home at Great Shefford. Peter is  one of the most prolific observers for NEO follow-up in the world.    Here we are in front of his backyard observatory (MPC J95) which houses a 16″ LX200 SCT  in the small …
  • Correction for Farpoint's phone number it is 785-925-2960

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