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Welcome to NEKAAL (Northeast Kansas Amateur Astronomers’ League Inc.)

To find out more about NEKAAL see who we are or schedule for info on attending one of our general meetings or public astronomy nights.

NEKAAL has an observatory in Northeast Kansas, named Farpoint Observatory. Come for a visit sometime.

Upcoming Events

Policy Update notice: All public astronomy nights at Farpiont will be canceled if it is raining or too cloudy. You can check within two hours of the event for status updates.


    • Correction for Farpoint's phone number it is 785-203-8077

    Northeast Kansas Amateur Astronomers’ League Inc. (NEKAAL)

    Sky Status

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    Sky clock for Farpoint Observatory (Cloud Cover and Transparency):

    Farpoint Weather Station: Ambient Weather, Weather Cloud, Weather Underground

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    NEKAAL survives on donations. If you would like to donate to NEKAAL click on the button below. Payments are processed by PayPal.

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