Recent Bright Comet

Just a quick image of a recently bright comet C/2009 P1
(Garradd). The image was taken just before dawn 7-10-11 and is a compilation of 5 – 60 sec frames. No filter. The 22″ and STL1001E camera was used and it was traveling 1.37″/minute to the northwest. ( Thus the ‘drifted stars)..

Canopus, Opportunities and the July General Meeting

At the July 28 NEKAAL meeting I’ll talk about Canopus, the asteroid/variable star astrometry/photometry analysis software. Remember, these are meetings open to the public. NEKAAL members can find out more about Canopus and this meeting in our Yahoo groups files section. Visit the Canopus folder. A look at the most recent Minor Planet Bulletin will provide some insight into the purposes of this research. This is available at
Note the first light curve in that issue, that of 878 Mildred. That curve is indicative of a binary asteroid, or perhaps one with a dumbbell or bowling pin shape.
Hope to see you all on the 28th.
– Graham