Ian Morison and Astrophotography

I came into contact with Ian Morison when he asked about the StarSync tracker to be reviewed in his book The Art of Astrophotography. This week he has let me know that he had been posting articles on his Astronomy Digest (Website) at www.ianmorison.com.

It has a lot of great info about astrophotography. For example I particularly liked his 3 part article on “Everything about Refractors” (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). It goes into good detail about what is good about refractors. What are Doublets, Triplets and what different glass mean in terms of seeing, focus, and chromatic aberration.

Something that is also of value. He gave a lecture at Gresham College about his book which is very informative and can be viewed online. It starts with him using just a plain tripod and camera to capture star trails to using astronomy CCD Cameras. I recommend watching it.