Farpoint Observatory – Asteroid Research Summary

NEKAAL continues to be an active amateur observatory that contributes to the orbit analysis of new, and known, asteroids. Farpoint’s first asteroid data was reported on January 27, 1998. All reported asteroid orbit data can be found at https://newton.spacedys.com/neodys/index.php?pc=2.1.2&o=734&ab=0

We are using the 27in Tombaugh telescope and a NEKAAL member’s Meade LX200 16in SCT with their cooled CCD cameras and using Astrometrica software to obtain the RA and Dec coordinates.

Attached is a 2019-current summary of the data contribution.

NEOCP = newly found asteroids that need data to determine if they will be a Near-Earth-Asteroid (NEO). NEA = known Near-Earth-Asteroid that needs further orbit observation data