Workdays: Re-coated Tombaugh Mirror

On March 11th, Gary Hug, B. W. Whitten, Justin Prochaska, David Cromer, and Russell Valentine worked together to remove the 27 inch mirror from the Tombaugh. Then Gary took it to get re-coated. It needed to be re-coating so much, that if you shined a light through back, you can see the light through the mirror.

On March 25th, Gary Hug, Bruce Caler, Justin Prochaska, David Cromer, and Russell Valentine worked to put the re-coated mirror back in the Tombaugh.

As an added benefit to the re-coating we now have a center point on the mirror to help aid in collimation.

To re-coat the secondary it had to be removed from it’s holder. The last picture is the secondary being glued back into the holder. After the secondary is done being glued, the scope can be collimated and used again.


Pictures courtesy of Justin Prochaska.

The NEKAAL Observer Posts to YGroup

Previously I often missed when a new post was made to the NEKAAL Observer. It does show up on the front page of and you can also probably subscribe with the observer software itself, but I was wanting another way to announce.

The NEKAAL Observer will now post a message to the Yahoo group when a new post is made.